Silver Pheasant

Syrmaticus reevesii

The male is a bird with bright white gold plumage and gold through the body, gray legs, brown iris, and red skin around the eyes. The head is white with a narrow black band across its eyes. The male has an extremely long silver tail. This pheasant is mentioned in the 2008 Guinness World Records for having the largest natural tail feathers of any bird species; a record previously held by the argus pheasant. It can measure up to 2.4 meters long. The female is a Brown-colored bird with, a yellow and brown face with gray tail feathers.


These are typically terrestrial birds, but they roost in trees at night. Like This pheasant is a hardy bird that can tolerate both hot and cold weather.



Social life






Egg Laying occurs mainly from March to May. In the nuptial parade, the male vibrates his wings, raises his tail, displays his face mask, and raises his plume. Laying takes place on the ground and consists of 6 to 9 eggs, which are incubated for 25 to 26 days by the female alone. The young are nestlings, that is, they leave the nest early, in this case immediately after hatching; they then begin to feed themselves, but follow their mother until they are independent. They reach sexual maturity after the first year of age

Class: Birds

Order: Galliformes

Family: Phasianidae


60-70 cm


1.5 – 2 Kg



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